EDT Lesson #1 Content


Prior to starting the Essential Driver Training (EDT) programme a certain amount of preparation is required. 

Use the information on this page and apply it to a family members / friends car to help prepare for your first EDT lesson.

EDT #1 consists primarily of a thorough explanation of the vehicle safety checks.

The Primary Controls – Accelerator, Brakes, Clutch, Gears, Steering and the Secondary Controls – Lights, Fan, Wipers, Demisters etc….. will also need to be explained in detail.


Below is a brief summary of the Vehicle Safety Checks that make up a large part of the 1st Essential Driver Training (EDT) lesson. How, when and why you perform these checks will need to be explained.




P. . . . Petrol

O. . . . Oil – engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid.

W. . .  Water – windscreen washer fluid, coolant

E. . . . Electric – how to check all lights are working including brake and indicator lights.

R. . . . Rubber – check for wear on the tyre, cuts/bulges on the sidewalls, tyre pressure.


The above P.O.W.E.R. Check should be carried out on a weekly basis at least and also each time before setting out on a long journey.



  • Seatbelts are functioning properly.
  • Seat and headrest are correctly positioned.
  • Mirrors are correctly aligned.
  • The horn is working.
  • Wipers are in good condition.
  • Battery is in good condition with good connections on it.
  • Windscreen and all other windows are clean and free of cracks.
  • All lights are clean.
  • Number plate is legal, and clean.
  • All loads are properly secured.
  • Bodywork is in good condition.
  • Spare tyre is in good condition and properly inflated.
  • Jack and wheel brace are available.


Understanding what documentation / items you need to have displayed on your vehicle and how, when, why and where you get these will need to be discussed and explained.



  • Tax disc.
  • Insurance disc.
  • NCT disc. When a vehicle is 4 years old it must undergo its first NCT test of roadworthiness. This test is to be conducted every 2 years from then on until the vehicle is 10 years old then it must be tested every year.
  • L” Plate must be displayed front and rear. Do not cut down or remove the white portion of the “L” plate.
  • A person who obtains their full driving licence on or after 01/08/2014 is required to display “N” plates on their vehicle for a period of 2 years,



  • Learners Permit; This must be carried by the Learner Driver at all times while driving a vehicle.
  • Accompanying driver must have a full permit for the vehicle category for a minimum period of 2 years AND have it in their possession.
  • Vehicle manual.


How to plan a journey and eco driving also need to be discussed as part of EDT #1.