The Day of The Driving Test

It is important to prepare correctly for your driving test by getting some proper Pretest Driving Lessons with an approved driving instructor. What occurs on the day of the driving test is outlined below and should be explained by your driving instructor during your pretest driving lessons. 

You should ensure that you arrive at the driving test centre in plenty of time and have yourself reverse parked about 15 minutes before the scheduled test time. Go into the driving test centre and proceed to the waiting room bringing your learners permit with you.

From 01/02/2013 it is no longer neccessary to produce your EDT Logbook for the driver tester to examine but if you were required to complete the EDT programme bring your logbook with you and keep it in the car.

There is no need to report to anyone once you arrive. The driving tester that is assigned to you will come to the waiting area and call your name when they are ready for you. They will bring you into a room where your learners permit is inspected and details recorded from it. You will then be given a form to read and sign, this is for you to confirm that you are who you say you are and are compliant with the requirements for the test – .  They will then ask you a number of questions and ask you to identify some road signs from the rules of the road book.   Rules of the Road(PDF 2MB)

After this you will be accompanied to your vehicle where some Technical Checks will be conducted. .

You will then sit in your vehicle while the driving tester checks your Tax, Insurance, Nct discs. They will also check for “L” plates and inspect your tyres. Your indicators, front and rear, and your brake lights will also be inspected. If there are issues with any of the aforementioned the driving test will not be conducted.

When this has been done the driving tester will sit in with you and ask you to demonstrate some of the Secondary Controls. These include items such as lights, wipers, demister etc……

You will then be given instructions on how they wish to conduct the test.
Drive away as you normally would. You will be given all instruction in plenty of time. If you approach a junction and don’t get any instruction you are to follow the course of the road you are on. If you don’t understand or are unclear about any instruction feel free to ask the tester to repeat it.

The practical part of the driving test averages about 30 minutes. Depending on the amount of traffic, the time of day or where you are brought the driving time may vary slightly.

Over the course of the test you will be asked to carry out 3 manoeuvres.
A hill take off, a turnabout (3 point turn) and a reverse around a corner.

While parked for one of the manoeuvres you will be asked to demonstrate some hand signals.

When you return to the test centre the driving tester will indicate to you where to park your vehicle. Usually you are asked to drive forward into a parking space but occasionally people are asked to reverse into a space. You will then accompany the tester back into the building where the result of the test will be given to you.